Adanna Madueke
Crown Revival


Tired of the chemical struggle, yearning to unleash your natural hair's extraordinary power? You're not alone! Many young girls face hurdles in embracing their God-given hair. Here's the truth: your natural hair is not just beautiful; it holds transformative power that pays homage to our heritage.

I passionately believe that every young girl deserves to wear her natural crown with unwavering confidence. Join our movement - Crown Revival!

I've initiated a groundbreaking mission within high schools, committed to empowering young girls with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to cherish and celebrate their natural hair journeys.

Be a part of the change! Let's cultivate a generation of fearless queens who wear their natural hair with pride. Individuals, volunteers, and brands, your unique touch will redefine beauty standards.

Ready to join the Crown Revival? Let's make every crown a symbol of strength and self-love below!





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